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Perrys' Great Northern Gun & Bow Shop has served northern Ontario and the rest of Canada with a wide selection of guns, bows, crossbows, scopes, and hunting gear for over 25 years.  
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In the meantime, please call or email (see sidebar) with any inquiries, or see a selection of our used guns listed below.

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 Used Guns: (November 21, 2014)

Stock NumberDescriptionPrice
UG358 Baker Batavia 12ga SxS BAD BARREL Wall-hanger ONLY (Used) 150.00
UG334 Browning A-Bolt 7mm Rem Mag 26' (Used) 559.99
UG222 Browning A-Bolt M1000 270 WSM (Used) 1,199.99
UG350 Browning Maxus 12ga 3-1/2' MOBD 011601204 (Used) 1,099.99
UG346 CIL 402 16ga (Used) 179.99
UG134 CIL 710D 12ga x 2-3/4' 30' Side By Side (Used) 369.99
NR12-0649 Cimarron Winchester 1876 NWMP Reproduction 45-75 (Used) 1,199.99
UG330 Cooey 39 22LR w/Sling (Used) 139.99
UG348 Cooey 75 22LR (Used) 129.99
UG355 Cooey 75 22LR (Used) 99.99
UG033 Cooey 75 22LR (Used) 99.99
UG339 Cooey 84 16ga (Used) 169.99
UG311 Eddy Stone P17 Lee Enfield 30-06 (Used) 699.99
UG340 El Faison 12ga SxS w/sling (Used) 379.99
UG212 H&R 45/70 Break (Used) 249.99
UG335 IGA Boito Back Packer 410ga Hinge (Used) 209.99
UG359 Ithica Flues Model 1920s Damascuss 12ga SxS Wall Hanger (Used) 299.99
UG318 Larona SxS 12ga (Used) 359.99
UG344 Lee Enfield #3 Full Stock 303 (Used) 249.99
NR11-0320 Lee Enfield III/Parker Hale 303 British 22' (Used) 239.99
UG312 Marlin 336 RC 30-30 (Used) 399.99
UG048 Mauser 7 x 57 Spanish (Used) 349.99
MN9130 Mosin Nagant 91/30 7.62x54 Soviet (Used) 199.99
UG345 Mossberg 42B 2LR w/Sling (Used) 179.99
UG321 Mossberg 715T 22LR (Used) 349.99
UG338 Mossberg Youth Camo 410ga w/box (Used) 299.99
UG326 Parker Bros 12ga SxS (Used) 2,999.99
UG354 Remington 700 300 Win Mag 26' (Used) 599.99
UG329 Remington 700 Stainless DM 30-06 22' (Used) 599.99
UG356 Remington 870 Wingmaster 12ga (Used) 249.99
UG322 Remington Five 22LR (Used) 349.99
UG284 Remington Versamax Synthetic 12ga x 3.5' (Used) 899.99
UG332 Ross M-10 1910 303 (Used) 299.99
UG288 Ruger No 1 338 Win Mag w Elite 3000 3-9x50 (Used) 1,229.99
UG347 Savage 10 223 Rem w/ Scope & Sling (Used) 449.99
UG349 Stevens 325-C 30-30 (Used) 289.99
UG194 TOZ 99 22LR Wood (Used) 289.99
UG197 Weatherby Vanguard 308 Win (Used) 699.99
UG292 Winchester 100 .308Win used (Used) 399.99
UG317 Winchester 1886 33WCF (Used) 1,200.00
UG319 Winchester 77 22LR 20' (Used) 249.99
UG325 Winchester Canadian Centinial 30/30 (Used) 849.99
UG337 Winchester Cooey 37A 410ga 3' 25' (Used) 149.99
UG294 Zoli SxS 12ga.x2.75' used (Used) 649.99
UG198 Zouave Muzzle Loader 58 cal (Used) 449.99
SKS 7.62x39 Simonov SKS 1945 Soviet Semi 7.62x39 5shot (Used) 259.99
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