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Perry's Great Northern Gun & Bow Shop has served Northern Ontario, along with the rest of Canada, with a wide selection of guns, bows, crossbows, scopes, and hunting gear for over 25 years.  

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JUST ARRIVED --- NON-RESTRICTED TAVOR 21 Desert Tan 223 Rem 18.7" --- Come on in for a closer look!

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Just scroll down for our complete list of USED GUNS.  The list changes quickly, so feel free to visit our site often.  Here is our current inventory list of previously owned, non-restricted, firearms as of    April 21st, 2015:

Benelli M4 12ga   18.5" Tactical Like New UG15004 2,199.99

Benelli Nova 12ga 3.5" Blk Syn w/3 chokes Used 

Breda 12ga 3" Semi Wood Used

Browning A-Bolt M1000 270 WSM Used UG222




Browning A-Bolt Target 308 Win Grey Laminate 035190218 UG15018 1,099.99
Browning X-Bolt 30-06 Composite Stock W/Leopold 3-9 UG364  999.99
Browning Recoilless 12ga Used UG196   899.99
CIL 710D 12ga x 2-3/4" 30" Side By   Side  Used UG134   SOLD

Cooey Ranger 22LR Used

Cooey 410ga Used 

Cooey 60 22LR Used UG15007




Cooey 82 22LR Used

Cooey 840 20ga Used UG15006



CZ Ring Neck 12ga 3" 28" Used 

Daisy Legacy 2202 22LR Bolt 10 Shot w/3 extra clips & original box UG074



Handi-Rifle 204 Ruger w/Bushnell 2-7 Used   UG378   399.99

Handi-Rifle 45/70 Used

Homeland Security 12ga 14" Blk Syn Used

IGA Boito Back Packer 410ga Hinge Used   UG335




Ithica 900 20ga Semi Used UG15009   SOLD
Ithica Flues Model 1920s Damascuss 12ga   SxS Wall Hanger Used UG359   299.99
Mosin Nagant Sniper 7.62 x 54 Used SNP9130   799.99
Mosin Nagant 91/30 7.62x54 Soviet Used   MN9130   199.99

Mossberg 535 12ga 3.5" Used

Mossberg 585 12ga w/Red Dot Used

Mossberg 715T 22LR Used UG321




Mossberg 500 12ga 3" Field Used   379.99

Remington 870 Marine Magnum 12ga Used

Remington 1100 Tournament Skeet 12ga 2.75" 26" 

Remington Versamax Synthetic 12ga x 3.5" UG284




Ruger 10/22 22LR w/sling & 3 mags 11155 UG15019   469.99
Ruger SR-22 Extendable mint w Bushnell Electronic Scope UG15003   SOLD
Ruko 20ga Single Shot Used UG15002   SOLD
Sako Finnlight 30-06 w/Zeiss Scope Used  2,449.99

Savage 99 30-30 Used

Savage 99 303 Savage Used UG371



Savage 99 Take Down 300 Savage Used 

Shilo Sharps 1874 45/70 Used



Simonov SKS 1945 Soviet Semi 7.62x39 Russian Made 5shot Used   259.99

Squires Bingham 22LR w/ Scope


Tomahawk PA2201 XP 12ga 3" w/Bushnell Trophy Red Dot & Sling UG15016   349.99
TOZ 99 22LR Wood Used UG194   289.99
Weatherby Vanguard 308 Win Used UG197    SOLD
Winchester 100 308 Win Used UG15008   SOLD
Winchester 77 22LR 20" Used UG319   249.99
Zoli SxS 12ga.x2.75" used UG294   SOLD
Zouave Muzzle Loader 58 cal Used UG198   449.99
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